Restore Tips & Troubleshooting Steps

Whether you’re running an alternate full site restore or you’re just trying to restore a single file, there are multiple things that need to go right in order for the restore to be successful. This post is to help make those different pieces fit together to make your restore a success. The first half will cover tips for before you run a restore and the second half will cover troubleshooting steps based on errors you may run into.


Make sure your site is publicly accessible.

VaultPress can’t restore your site if it isn’t publicly accessible. If your site is down and you’re trying to restore it, your best bet is to install a fresh WordPress installation, install & register VaultPress, and restore from there.

Only use a FTP, SFTP, or SSH user with full read, write, & execute privileges 

If you’re unsure what this entails, you can contact your host for help! Otherwise, check out this page in the Codex from that explains the proper set up. VaultPress needs full access so that it can properly add files to your directory. If it can’t, you’ll run into issues restoring.

Make sure that the FTP/SFTP/SSH user on both sites are either both non-root users or root users

If you don’t do this, you may find that you are unable to log-in to your new site, or that you are unable to update plugins. If you run into problems, please do reach out to us.

Have a WordPress installation in place for alternate restores

We can’t restore your site to a different location if there isn’t a WordPress installation there and if it isn’t publicly accessible.

Make sure your credentials can pass Pre-flight Checks

Check out these sets of posts that covers our pre-flight checks for your WordPress database user. Your WordPress database user can be found in your wp-config.php file and it needs to have certain permissions in place for VaultPress to restore your site.

Temporarily disable caching and optimization plugins

In order to rule out a conflict with caching or optimization plugins, try disabling them before attempting a restore.

Check the file path

For alternate restores especially, it’s crucial that we have the correct relative file path. Please make sure to check the file path by reviewing “Path to WordPress”:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.47.32 AM

Be aware that the login details on your new site will match the login details on the site you are restoring from


Troubleshooting Failed Restores

The following posts link to next steps to take after you run into a failed restore. If at any point you need help though just contact us. We’re here to help get your site back up and running!

Helper script errors

Permissions/Uploading Errors

Database Errors

404 errors showing up after a restore


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