Helper script errors

Quick Overview

The helper script is something that, as its name suggests, helps us restore your site. It acts as our go between for the backup we’re using and your site we’re restoring. Sometimes due to a variety of issues, we can run into trouble communicating with the helper script. This in turn causes problems with us restoring your site. Check below to find next steps for an error revolving around the helper script.

Error “403 Forbidden” when talking to the helper script

403 errors typically mean that VaultPress is being blocked either by a plugin or at the server level. As a first step, contact your host and ask them the following:

  • Whitelist our IP ranges.
  • Find our IP ranges in their logs to see why we might be blocked. Send us the logs they send you so that we can better help!

On your end, please do the following:

  • Make sure our IP ranges are whitelisted for any security plugin you might have.
  • Check your .htaccess file to see if there are any rules in place that could prevent us from connecting to your site.

Error “404 Not Found” when talking to the helper script

There are a couple of common causes of this error. They are listed below in order of importance and relevance:

  • The FTP, SFTP, or SSH credentials provided to VaultPress are for the wrong server or site. To test this, use the credentials to access your site, upload a test file, and try to view it. If you can view it, then you have the right credentials!
  • Plugin conflicts: this is something we have to troubleshoot on our end so please contact us.
  • .htaccess rewrite rules. Check your .htaccess file to see if there are any rewrite rules that might be causing issues with the file path.

If this is an alternate restore, you should also:

  • Be sure that the URL correctly points to the alternate site.
  • Verify that your alternate credentials are for the correct site.
  • Check the file path to ensure that it is correct.

The restore is unable to proceed because we can not communicate with the Restore Helper script

The typical cause of this relates to a file path problem. If you run into this during a normal restore, contact us. If you run into this during an alternate restore, please double check the file path to make sure it is correct!


If at any point you have questions, just contact us