Database Errors

Unable to proceed because of a SQL query error OR Unable to proceed because ______ table exists.

Typically, the reasons for a table failing to get created is that one already exists with that name. Check your database to see if there is a duplicate of this table or if there is a table that is similiarly named with possibly just a difference in capitalization. As an example, wp_posts and Wp_posts. To help fix this, try dropping the offending table from your database and running the restore again.

Unable to restore the table______ due to existing foreign key constraints

VaultPress detected tables that have FOREIGN KEY constraints. The one-click restore feature does not currently support restoring such tables.

Database tables which use FOREIGN KEY constraints are usually created by plugins. If that is the case, we recommend disabling the plugin, waiting for a new backup to take place and then restoring the new backup using the VaultPress one-click restore. If it’s a time-sensitive matter, you can always restore everything except the database using VaultPress, and then running separate restores for each database table except the affected one. You can find the instructions on how to run single-table restores here.

As an alternative, you can restore your website manually. Please read the following instructions on how to do so.

500 Internal Server Error

This error indicates that something is going wrong with your server. Please contact your host in this event for more information.


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