Restore to a new site

You’ve always been able to restore your VaultPress backups to the same server. But did you know that you can automatically restore a backup to a new site altogether?

Why would I do that?

  • Maybe you’ve always wanted to restore a backup to a new server, or a subdirectory on your current server, for troubleshooting or development purposes. Well, now you can restore your VaultPress backups to a test site!
  • Or perhaps you’re getting ready to move to a new host. Now you can easily copy your current site to a new host!

Note: The VaultPress restore system currently cannot restore a WordPress single installation into a multisite, nor can it restore a multisite into a single installation. 

Cool, so how do I use this thing?

  1. Before you can restore from backup, you will need to ensure that WordPress is installed and functioning on your new site. (Note: it doesn’t matter what usernames/passwords you use for this new installation as it will be overwritten when you complete the restore).
  2. Once that’s complete, sign in to the VaultPress dashboard and head to your Settings page
  3. From there, you’ll need to add FTP, SFTP, or SSH credentials for your alternate site in the alternate section. You can get these credentials from the host of the alternate website. Please note that the alternate site URL and alternate path should lead to the WordPress install on the server. The path you configure needs to be relative to the home folder for the FTP/SFTP/SSH altQuick tips for looking up the path:
    a. Log in via the alternate details to the website. The folder which opens when you log in is what we call the ‘home folder‘.
    b. Navigate to the website’s folder on the server. Let’s say you are in the /home/user directory when you log in (because that one opens up automatically), and you navigate to sites/website, with sites being a subfolder of the user directory mentioned above. At this point, you would be in the /home/user/sites/website/ folder (that’s what we call the absolute path).
    c. VaultPress requires the relative path, which is the path from the home folder to the website’s folder. So in the example case above the path you would configure on VaultPress is /sites/website.
    d. If the website’s folder is the same as the home folder for the user you are adding, the path should be just /.
  4. Once those have been added, view the Backups section for your site.
  5. Choose a backup from which to restore, and click the Restore button. restore here
  6. From there, just click Prepare Backup like so:restore prepare
  7. Click the Change Site button to restore your backup to a different site. change site
  8. From there, a box will open up where you can select your alternate domain:select domain
  9. Click the Restore button, and watch the progress bar as the backup is restored to your new site. Feel free to take a break or navigate away from the page — the restore will continue to run. We’ll even send you an email once it’s finished.


1. Do I need VaultPress installed on the alternate site?

To simply restore your site to an alternate site, you don’t need to install VaultPress there. If you want to restore your site to an alternate site AND backup the alternate site afterward, you will need to purchase a second subscription OR reuse the subscription key you have for your main site:

This depends on whether you want both the main site and the site you are restoring to backed up or not.

2. Will VaultPress backup the alternate site once I restore to it?

No! VaultPress will continue backing up your main site.

3. What can I do to make sure the restore goes well? 

Check out this document for best practices.

If you have any questions about restoring your backup to a new site, or just want to say howdy, drop us a line!