“My host already offers backups”

Why should I use VaultPress when my host already offers backups?

As web hosting grows increasingly competitive, hosting providers are beginning to offer backups to their customers, sometimes at no additional charge. While such backups are better than no backups at all, many WordPress users still require the greater level of protection that VaultPress provides.

As you consider the backup service that’s right for you, keep the following points in mind.

VaultPress is designed for WordPress.

Many hosts back up your server’s file system and database without regard to how your website is actually built. Your website is treated just like any other.

VaultPress, on the other hand, is specifically designed to protect WordPress sites. This results in smaller, more manageable backups that contain everything you want and nothing you don’t.

VaultPress offers real-time backups for real-time sites.

Many hosts only offer daily or even weekly backups. That means if disaster strikes, you might find yourself missing up to a week’s worth of content, even after restoring from your host’s backups!

At VaultPress, our Basic and Security Bundle plans include real-time backups to help keep all your work safe and sound.

Don’t update your site all that much? Our Lite plan offers once-daily backups, which is perfect for sites that are updated less frequently.

VaultPress lets you restore your WordPress site in one click.

Backups are only useful if you can use them. Some hosts require you to submit support requests, or even use the command line, when you need to restore your site. With VaultPress, you have direct access to your backup archive, and can restore your site with just one click.

VaultPress works for you, not your hosting provider.

Hosts have an interest in keeping you on their service. If your hosting provider handles your backups, what happens if you want to move your site elsewhere?

At VaultPress, we offer restore tools that let you restore to a different site address or migrate to a different hosting provider. And of course, you can continue using VaultPress after you move.

VaultPress is backed by leading WordPress experts.

VaultPress is brought to you by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. As home to tens of millions of WordPress sites, we’re always here for you if you need a helping hand.