SSH Credentials

What are SSH credentials?

SSH stands for Secure Shell, and it’s a secure way to remotely access a site’s server. SSH credentials are the login details:

  • Server address
  • Port number
  • Username
  • Password

Why should I give you my SSH credentials?

With your SSH credentials, we’ll be able to troubleshoot faster if something goes wrong. VaultPress will perform better on your site. And, you’ll be able to use the one-click restore to get your site back.

Not all hosts or hosting plans allow SSH access, but if you have SSH credentials we recommend adding them!


We recommend entering both FTP and SSH credentials if you can. FTP will give us access to your files. SSH will provide access to your files, too, and usually will also provide access to your database, which can be crucial if something goes wrong with your site.

How do I add my SSH credentials?

You can add your SSH credentials by logging in to your VaultPress dashboard, and going to the Settings page:

dashboard >> settings

On the Settings page, click on the SSH button:


Enter your SSH credentials and click Test & Save:


Once your SSH settings are saved, you’ll see this:


Where can I find my SSH credentials?

Here are instructions for enabling SSH and getting your SSH credentials for some popular hosts:

If your host is not listed here, or if you’re having any problems, please contact your host directly and ask them for your SSH credentials.