VaultPress + Multisite

With version 1.0, the VaultPress plugin can be installed on your WordPress multisite network. A multisite network administrator must install the plugin and activate VaultPress across the network. Each site will need a separate VaultPress subscription and registration key.

Download and install the VaultPress plugin from your VaultPress Dashboard. A network administrator must perform the installation. The process is similar to installing on a normal WordPress site.

Once activated on the network, any site administrator can purchase and register their site with VaultPress. They can visit our Plans & Pricing page to purchase. They will receive a registration key, which they can use to register their VaultPress plugin.

Using VaultPress with your network’s main site will backup your network’s users table, plugins, and themes. For non-main sites, VaultPress will not backup users, plugins, or themes.

Note: The VaultPress restore system currently cannot restore a WordPress single installation into a multisite, nor can it restore a multisite into a single installation.