Comparing Plan Options

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In 2014, we joined forces with Akismet to create two new plans: the Security Bundle & and the Backup Bundle. For a short guide, here’s a summary of each plan:

Lite Plan: Daily backups, Automated Restores, 30 day Backup archive, and Safekeeper Support.

Basic Plan: Realtime backups, Automated restores, Full Backup Archive, and Safekeeper support.

Backup Bundle: VaultPress Lite plan + Akismet Plus

Security Bundle: VaultPress Basic plan + Security Scanner + Akismet Plus


Comparing Plans

If you’re having trouble figuring out which plan to buy, the rest of this article is for you. To help explain the differences between our different plans, here are some quick comparisons that we are often asked about:

Security Bundle vs. Backup Bundle

Both plans include safekeeper support, spam protection with Akismet Plus, and automated restores. Where they differ is in the frequency of backups, length of backup archive, and the security scanning functionality. The Security Bundle has realtime backups meaning that we backup your site as changes happen whereas the Backup Bundle includes daily backups. Along those same lines, the Security bundle offers a full archive of every backup we have whereas the Backup Bundle includes a 30 day site archive. Finally, the security bundle includes our security scanning feature.

Security Bundle vs. Basic Plan

The only differences between these two plans is that the Security Bundle includes both the security scanning feature and Akismet Plus. As a result, we would recommend the Basic plan for personal, non-commercial sites and blogs and the Security Bundle for bigger, commercial sites.

Backup Bundle vs. Basic Plan

The main differences in these two plans is that the Backup Bundle includes less backup options but with added Akismet functionality. To explain, the Backup Bundle only has a 30 day backup archive and daily backups whereas the Basic plan has real time backups and a full site archive.

Backup Bundle vs. Lite Plan

Simply put, the Backup Bundle is just the Lite Plan + Akismet Plus. If you already have an Akismet account, we would recommend the Lite plan. If you are looking for an Akismet Plus account as well as a reliable backup system, the Backup Bundle is for you.

Basic Plan vs. Lite Plan

Both plans include safekeeper support and automated restores. The differences lie in the backup functionality. The Basic plan includes a full site archive and realtime backups. The Lite plan consists of a 30 day archive and daily backups. If your site changes rapidly and you already have an Akismet account, we would recommend the Basic plan. If you have a personal site that doesn’t change much day to day, we would highly recommend the Lite plan.



When purchasing a plan, there are two major questions to consider:

  • Do you need Akismet Plus?
  • Do you want realtime backups and a full backup archive?

If you do need Akismet, then choosing one of the Akismet + VaultPress plans is for you. From there, you can narrow things down by deciding whether you want realtime backups and a full backup archive. If you do, then the Security Bundle is the way to go. Otherwise, check out the Backup Bundle!

If you don’t need Akismet, then check out the VaultPress Lite & Basic plans. If a daily backup will cover the changes on your site and you don’t need access to a full archive of backups, the VaultPress Lite plan is your best bet. If you need realtime updates and/or a full archive of your sites, that’s why we offer the Basic plan.

If you have any questions about our plans, just reach out to our Safekeepers.