Comparing Plan Options

We offer three paid plans (Personal, Premium, and Professional) for backing up and securing WordPress sites. Choosing the right one for your site is important, and most of our customers find that answering these two questions helps with the selection process:

  • Update frequency: How often is your site changing or being updated?
  • Site importance: How critical is your site to you or your business?

Update frequency

If your site is fairly static and doesn’t change much on a daily basis, then you’re most likely best served by our entry level plan: Jetpack Personal. This is our most affordable plan and provides you with daily automated backups, a 30-day archive, and unlimited storage space.

If you have a very active site, posting new content and articles multiple times a day or adding new offers or products regularly, the Jetpack Professional plan is best suited for your needs. The primary benefit is that your site is protected by realtime backups — this means your site is always being backed up by our state-of-the-art service. It also includes an unlimited backup archive, so you can always roll your site back to any point in time since you started using the service.

Site importance

Every site is important, but not all are critical to your business or livelihood. Jetpack Personal will make sure that, if your site goes down, your host fails, or the site is hacked, you can always “undo” and restore your site to a saved backup. Many of our happy customers choose this plan for simple, relatively low-traffic sites.

However, if your site site is high-traffic, generates revenue (e-commerce, subscription, or advertising), or is of critical importance to your organization, it’s certainly worth choosing the Premium or Professional plan.

Apart from the realtime backup feature offered by the Professional plan, the main additional benefit these two plans provide is security and malware scanning with dedicated support. This means that we are constantly checking your site for any hacking attempts or malicious code insertions. If we notice anything suspicious, we will immediately notify you, and our Happiness Engineers will be available to personally help.

The Professional plan also offers one-click fixes for most security threats, which means that you can safely remove any problems directly from your dashboard without having to contact us.

A few more things…

All our plans also include:

  • Industry-leading spam protection by Akismet.
  • Automated restores from any backup.
  • Easy site migration.
  • Uptime monitoring by Jetpack.
  • Brute force attack protection by Jetpack.

The Premium and Professional plans also include these bonus features:

  • Fast video hosting (13Gb for Premium / Unlimited for Professional)
  • Site monetization with high-quality ads (Premium and Professional)
  • SEO tools for optimizing your site’s reach and traffic (only Professional)

More detail about specific features

If you want to learn more about our specific features, check out these in-depth support articles:


If you have any questions about our plans, please reach out to our Happiness Engineers. If you’ve previously purchased or looked at our old plans, please read our announcement post about the changes to our subscription options, which we’ve designed to make securing your WordPress site simpler and more affordable.