Bluehost SSH Access With Key

Adding an SSH connection will allow VaultPress to back up your site in the fastest way, while having the lowest load on your server. This is a step-by-step guide for adding an SSH connection to your VaultPress account.

Note: SSH access may not be enabled for you on Bluehost. You can check if it is enabled from your Bluehost account here.

Here is a screenshot of what the setting should look like:

SSH configuration in Bluehost control panel

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit your VaultPress dashboard:
  2. Next to your site, click Settings:
  3. Click SSH
  4. In “Server Address” type your domain name (e.g.
  5. In “Port Number” type 22
  6. In “Username”, type your Bluehost cPanel username
  7. Then click Show Public Key:
  8. Copy the entire text:
  9. In a new tab/window: Login to Bluehost cPanel:
  10. In the left hand side, click Advanced:
  11. Under Advanced, click SSH:
  12. Click Manage SSH Keys:
  13. Click Import Key:
  14. In “Choose a name for this key (defaults to id_dsa)” type VaultPress.
  15. Leave the fields “Paste the private key into the following text box” and “Passphrase” empty.
  16. In the field “Paste the public key into the following text box:”, paste your copied public key from step 8.
  17. Click Import – you should see a message saying “The key named “VaultPress” was imported.”
  18. Click “Back to Manage Keys” – you’ll now see the key listed under “Public Keys”.
  19. Click “Manage” next to the key:
  20. Click the “Authorize” button:
  21. Go back to the VaultPress dashboard tab and click “Save”:
  22. Now your SSH connection should connect and show with a green checkmark, indicating your site is correctly connected!