About Our Backups

Depending on your VaultPress plan, backups are either run in real-time or once per day. Backups can be viewed and restored from the Backups page of your VaultPress dashboard.

What does VaultPress back up?

We back up your WordPress database (any tables which begin with your WordPress table prefix and also have a unique key or a primary key). We also back up any files in your plugins, themes, and uploads folders, and select files from your WordPress root directory and your wp-content directory.

This includes all the unique and irreplaceable data in WordPress, and everything properly integrated into the WordPress installation.

We do not back up WordPress core, core file modifications, files outside these locations, database tables which don’t look like they belong to WordPress, database tables whose rows have no unique identifier, or cache and backup directories.

What does “real-time” mean? 

The VaultPress plugin uses WordPress hooks to receive real-time alerts when information on your site changes. VaultPress then immediately syncs your changes with our servers to generate a backup for your site. Any time you update your site, VaultPress is notified and immediately gets to work making sure your changes are replicated and synchronized.

We also create hourly snapshots of your site, and a daily full scan.

When do my daily backups occur? 

Daily backups typically occur 24 hours from the previous backup. It is not possible to set a specific time window for daily backups.